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Dave Sellers

Need your input folks. I was told by a lighting sales person that exam rooms should have 2 - 2x4 foot fixtures in them so they are well lit. That would be 8 4 foot florecent tubes per room. What lighting do you have in your exam room?

Alan Brookstone

Dave, my examination rooms are about 8' X 10' and each has a single 2x4' flourescent fixture with 4 flourescent tubes. I also use the daylight bulbs so that the room feels a bit warmer. This is adequate in my exam rooms. It will be interesting to have some input and feedback from others.

I believe there is a wide range of variation to the answer you are seeking. It would depend on room size, but also would be affected by ambient light, colour of the walls and fixtures, type of lighting etc. I don't believe there is one size fits all.

Any thoughts from other visitors?

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