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Michael Bowen

Posted on behalf of Michael Bowen (Ed)

Does the PROOF lab have a website yet? As a health information science student and an interaction designer I am really interested to find out more about this organization.

This is a great blog by the way! I've been an avid reader for about a year now, and the blog has provided great insight into the local EMR world and related initiatives. Keep it up!

-- Mike Bowen

Alan Brookstone


Thank you for your posting. The PROOF lab does not yet have a web site. As soon as a web site it launched, an announcement will be placed on the CanadianEMR web site and will be included in the eNewsletter.


Katrina Hurley

Does PROOF have an independent website now? Is PROOF still running? How have you evaluated its success?


Alan Brookstone

Katrina, unfortunately due to financial cutbacks at the regional and provincial levels, the PROOF lab was closed down in October 2009. Sometimes the best plans are laid to waste due to a lack of support from organizations that could most benefit. I was very disappointed that it was not used to full potential.


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