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Ian Furst

Some of the tools are a good idea and not so different than that used to treat people from the more remote parts of our country. Having seen Dr. Parkinson's articles all around the web his chief value proposition seems to be time savings. There is little need to go to the doctors office as he will either make a house call, deal with the problem by phone/email/webconference or refer you to a specialists (he has no office per say). I question whether the total time saving will be present since the threshold for specialist care will be much lower. His response has been that specialists are joining the team. From a family doctor point of view he offers them greater return for less work and does not accept insurance (again from what I have read). It has led to the 'accusation' of conceirge care - nothing new. In Canadian society how many patients will pay for the service for greater access? I'm guessing 6-10% (=those without a family doc). His marketing slant has certainly rubbed some people the wrong way. My best guess is he is an early adopter of many tools that will end up in FD's offices but I'm not so sure his model will fly. Too exclusive and too pricey but you never know.

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