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Ira Bernstein

Where can I find detailed comments from EMR users about the specific EMR products? What they like, what they don't like etc.
This is much more useful then a simple rating scale. Is this information hidden somewhere or are you afraid to post doctors comments?

Alan Brookstone

Ira, thanks for the question.

The ideal solution would be to have a completely open rating and feedback capability that allows for open discussion including the ability to post comments as to what is good or bad about any particular vendor. We can do this when we search for television sets, vacations, or restaurants. Why not EMRs?

With respect to CanadianEMR, this is something that we have thought about a great deal. At this time, our decision has been to allow ratings using a simple rating scale that can be interpreted based on the number of individuals who have rated relative to the size of the company and a weighting scale that ranks vendors with more ratings higher than vendors with lower numbers of ratings.

We are still very early in the adoption of EMRs across Canada. Some provinces have more advanced programs providing funding and change support for physicians and their practices. Other provinces do not have funding or any formal program. It is a challenging environment for physicians and for vendors of EMRs.

While we do not plan to allow comments in the immediate future, we will be enhancing the rating system so that a potential purchaser will be able to view current ratings (for example: 'Last 12 months') or view the full history of ratings for that EMR product in a table and a graph. We believe this will be a meaningful enhancement. In addition, we will begin looking at specific capabilities of EMRs e.g. prescribing to allow ratings of specific functionality.

Will we allow comments in the future? This is definitely something that we have considered, however we depend on the input of our physician advisory and vendor advisory groups in terms of ensuring that it is fair and that the correct policies are applied so that the feedback is meaningful.

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