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Dr. Merrilee Fullerton

mHealth initiatives using smartphones have huge potential...too bad that in Canada our politicians are married to very expensive EMR systems that will cost billions and billions many years into the future. I'm not saying that EMRs aren't important..just that not all patients need to have one.

Morgan Price


Here is an interesting article in the NY Times on the subject

Incentives to Doctors Would Curb Readmissions to Hospitals -

One of the challenges has been that in nearly all industries, advances appear to lead to reduced costs. Toyota and other car companies add robots to be more efficient and competitive. Banking adds ATMs. Wall-Mart streamlines their supply management and that increases their profits.

In healthcare, however, these advancements, often lead to increased costs to the system. New tests mean I CAN order them. So the cost went from $0 to $X. Chronic disease management is a huge and ongoing cost, the better we get at it.

I think we need to find ways to also streamline processes and increase capacity -- and we need to have evidence to support those activities. Simple automation isn't enough, we know that. The right kind of automation and the ability to reflect on practice capacity and performance are going to be important in the long run.


Will EMR replace Medical Transcription?

Alan Brookstone

Heather, in some instances, yes I believe that EMR will replace medical transcription. However, in many instances there will still be demand for transcription services but in a different format. For example, a physician may dictate a report which is in digital format, this could then be sent from the EMR to a transcription service, the transcription completed, correctly tagged and sent back to the EMR for inclusion in the paper chart. All this could happen seamlessly via the Internet using a secure form of communication.

While there are some specialists who would wish to manage the document creation themselves, many find this distracting and time consuming and will still require professional transcription services.

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