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Rob Thorpe, President Practice Solutions Software

Response from Rob Thorpe, President, Practice Solutions Software:

We appreciate the opportunity to reach out to physicians/our clients and to address the steps we have been taking to rectify the EMR issues that have been identified in Alberta. We would also like to apologize to the Alberta physician community for not meeting your expectations of our product and services. We take the EMR implementation challenges seriously - it is our responsibility to resolve the issues and we are committed to do so by the end of this year.

We would like to emphasize that as soon as the scope of the problem became evident we took immediate actions including:

• Creating the Alberta Action Plan - which outlines steps, allocates resources, and defines timelines to resolve the issues at hand.
• Investing an additional $2.5 million and the hiring and training of 20 new Alberta-based service staff to increase our service capabilities. These measures were put in place prior to the September 15th announcement from POSP.
• Reaching out to all Alberta clients individually and working directly with the physicians to resolve specific problems they have encountered. We will continue to communicate with our clients throughout the plan and process.
• Starting the process of filling 12 additional positions for support, implementation, product management and IT across Canada which included even more Alberta-based staff.
• Liaising with additional technology partners to resolve immediate issues such as data migration.

Since September, Practice Solutions has been working even more closely with POSP, AMA, and Alberta physicians to execute an acceptable plan of action.

As a result of these meetings and discussions we are also:

• Forming an Alberta Client Advisory Council;
• Dedicating further investments towards the data migration of physician legacy systems;
• Enhancing software features; and
• Resolving the current reported issues.

We have also voluntarily stopped acquiring new clients for the time being to allow us to focus all our attention on resolving these implementation issues. As we stated earlier, we are committed to accomplish this by the end of the year and we will take the lessons learned to improve our service and products in the future.

We are strongly committed to the success of our clients in Alberta and to our EMR solution, and thank you for your continued trust and patience.


Rob Thorpe,
President, Practice Solutions Software

Dr. William Mutrie

In my opinion you can trust PS to "make it right" in Alberta. I am a 63 year old solo family doctor in New Brunswick and have been utilizing PS in my office for nearly 3 years. The support has been fantastic and the program has made my practice life fun again. I really look forward to going to work now since becoming an early adopter in our province.
It may take a little tweaking and some working together with your PS techs but you will be more than pleased with the result.

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