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Alan Brookstone

In a related article in Technology for Doctors, Cindy Scholten, coordinator of the Physician Recruitment Task Force of Sarnia-Lambton in Ontario, states:

“Young physicians say they would rather set up shop down the road, wait for those physicians to retire, and roster their patients versus taking over an old practice with wall-to-wall files. Young docs don’t want to do that. They want to start with an EMR and start fresh.”

Read the full article:

Thu Pham

Really interesting and different take on how new generations have already been immersed in technology and are more likely to have favorable attitudes toward EMR/EHR systems.

With federal incentives pushing to go paperless by 2014, and $872 million already paid out, it would be likely that the majority of healthcare organizations will have already changed by the time they hit the workforce:

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