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The key will be the integration of the various predictions. An EMR that integrates with the relevant home and MHealth solutions to provide a real healthcare solution and not just a documentation system.

Dr David Rapoport, Toronto

After 12 months I find that e-work creates what I call "Endless office visits," by which I mean more time spent clicking away on Oscar and waiting for the information to print.

I print lab requisitions such as "male annual" then modify them. I print prescriptions, which are easy now, but actually take at least 5 steps. I review hospital discharge summaries and try to update the meds list but this alone can use up 20 minutes of what used to be a 10-minute visit, so I generally make this e-homework.

I used to be proud of the fact that I could write up the visit right after the patient left, but there is so much going on now,I take the file home, then try to remember the key points of the visit-aided by ubiquitous reminder post-it notes.

Incoming consults and tests etc etc must be scanned into the e-file but staff are often unable to do this before the visit, thus I look like a fool until I remember that what I read 3 days before is still in what I call the scan-piles.

Clearing my inbox can only be done end of day or as e-homework. Renewing of faxed prescriptions this way is at least a 10-step procedure. To this I add the comsults etc which have been scanned in. Each is a 4-step procedure rising to 8 steps if the e-file must be opened.

So my e-work shortens my lunch break, keeps me in the office later, then gives me 60 minutes of nightly e-homework, taking a large chunk of my leisure time. Even so, plenty must be set aside to be done on week-ends.

Ian Pun

Dr. Rapoport. PM me privately if you want to improve your OSCAR experience

Ian Pun MD

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