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Lee Howard

When considering a fax server it is important to recognize that most modems out there are not going to be very reliable for fax use despite their claims of fax support. Few modem manufacturers are dedicated to fax support. As for online fax services, if you care about reliability be careful that the service uses true PSTN circuits and not VoIP or T.38 (and this can affect pricing as the latter are cheaper).

David Bridgeo

I currently have a set up similar to what is described above. I use the MyFax Internet fax service and find it works very nicely. I do find that the MyFax web portal is somewhat clunky so I have chosen not to use it and rather have each incoming fax sent via e-mail to me, so my Gmail account acts as the day to day interface rather than the MyFax webpage. My question is how secure is Gmail? I do have an HTTPS connection at all times, but beyond that I do not know for certain if I am meeting whatever guidelines apply in this case.


As a software engineer, I'm not aware of the regulatory guidelines you're subject to, but email by its very nature is inherently insecure. It is a public channel and subject to eavesdropping.

That being said, you are right to enable HTTPS for gmail, it reduces the exposure and ensures the message is encrypted between google's servers and your device. The problem is that the email is travelling unencrypted from MyFax to Gmail. In all practicality, its unlikely to be a problem, but the potential is there.

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