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Incoming paper can be dramatically reduced if faxes are handled directly by the EMR software and, therefore, never printed. Only a very small proportion of referral letters/consultations arrive at my office in an envelope. In my setup (Jonoke), my staff handle 'faxes' by attaching the image file (PDF) of the document to a new or existing patient file and set the status of the image to be added to my 'To Do' list. Very simple indeed.

Ian Pun

I use the Fujitsu Scansnap S510M double sided scanner or a Brother MFC to scan into a SHARED folder in my Mac called SCANS_TO_ATTACH and inside that folder I have an ATTACHED_SCANS folder.

I scan the document into SCANS_TO_ATTACH and prefix the the filename with identifying names and date YYMMDD

I then use Mac OSX Preview pdf reader to delete, rearrange, concatenate and comment the scanned pages.

The physical paper is put in a special box and not filed into the real paper folder chart. I will shred and discard after a year.

After the scan is attached to the OSCAR eChart, I drag it into ATTACHED_SCANS to know that it is done.

My secretary's BROTHER MFC also "One Button" scans to the SCANS_TO_ATTACH folder via FTP network transfer.

Faxes are received by Babytel email into pdf format (set this in the babytel website), They can be simply dragged from the Mac OSX Mail reader into the SCANS_TO_ATTACH folder, relabelled to appropriate filename and attached to the eChart.

All these features are all built into the Mac. I did not need to buy any extra software.

For every exam room (I have three), I put a computer, two monitors, printer and scanner. Scanner is each room is useful when patients brings you records/forms from elsewhere. Don't use an iPad. It's only good for output, not input. I tried it and it was too restrictive (small screen, hard to type). Use the big guns.

Rene Caissie

We used to use the Fujitsu Scansnap line of scanners. In terms of speed I am yet to see a scanner that is as fast and as mobile. However, we just switched to the HP scanjet 3000 which our EMR supports and allows us to scan files directly into our patient's records. The speed isn't the same but skipping the uploading step is definitely worth it!

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