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Dave Sellers

Good questions... We have 2 wireless access points installed for mobile users (iphone, ipad, imac, blackberry, etc). We had to add a second access point because the signal was low 40 feet from the main access point. So, getting the right spread is very important.
Load is another factor, by design, wireless is shared by all users, therefore more users and more traffic, the slower your network is.
Another issue is the amount of data bandwidth your EMR consumes. Ours is a fat client app and needs a clear 100meg to meet the Docs performance standards. We have over 100 devices on a wired 1gig network, so we don't have performance issues.
Wireless installers have also told me that wireless just don't work in some buildings because of the construction and/or other RF generating devices in the building.
We are a private clinic, so we have a desktop at each location, wired for 1gig. With the current wiring, I think I would be able to upgrade to 10gig when it is available. Because a wired network is safe and controlable from a hardware layer, I'll stay with it. I'm sure there are locations that a wireless is the way to go, but you have to know the issues and work to resolve them.

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