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Glenn Lanteigne

A very important topic, one that is gaining popularity amoung physicians in Ontario, and looking to leverage work done in the Champlain LHIN with their BASE project to leverage in South Western Ontario,
Glenn Lanteigne, CIO, South West LHIN

Jeff Harries

eReferrals have enabled EMR to EMR communication between and among Specialists, Family Physicians, Mid-Wives, and Aboriginal Health Clinics, here in the South Okanagan beginning over three years ago. And a beta-test for our Emergency Department to access a patient's community based EMR is ready to go live. This is not based on a single database, they are independent and separate clinics.

Using this technology has made wonderful improvements in care and continuity achievable. Near real-time collaboration and documentation, acquisition of extensive community based information on an otherwise unknown newly admitted patient, finding and transferring a patient to the care of a new physician, are just a few examples of the things that eReferral capabilities have made simple.

In my experience, eReferrals are one of the best aspects of being on an EMR. I look forward to when all EMR's can adopt this capability to send/receive structured and organized information. Currently, it works with a high degree of information granularity between Clinics using the same Vendor (MedAccess), I understand other Vendors are developing similar capabilities with PITO having released eReferral specs for interoperability within BC last spring.

Jeff Harries, Physician Lead, South Okanagan Similkameen CoP

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