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Craig Goldie

I no longer practice in BC but I am not particularly surprised by this decision.

As a proponent of EMRs in general, but OSCAR in particular, I was concerned about when (and it was always when, not if, in my mind) the "tap" for subsidized hardware and EMR solutions would run dry.

The OSCAR community was often accused of being alarmist about PITO funding running out. I am not pleased to see that we were correct. I feel for all the physicians whose EMR monthly costs will go up 233%. The math for that is the 30% cost currently borne by the physician will now be 100%.

If I were to guess the future, I suspect the previously subsidized EMR vendors will lower their prices, but not by 70%, to retain customers. I would guess ~25%. The cost of switching to other vendors is appreciable in time, headache, and incomplete data migration, not to mention some financial cost.

I would also suggest to physicians that now would be a great time to consider switching to, or starting on, OSCAR. I can no longer use it in my role in hospital-based palliative care, and I am not involved in the community, but it is a great physician-driven EMR suite.

I am also very interested in Telus' long game of buying Wolf and MedAccess (two other good systems). They may end up developing a very strong system if they can bring all the best parts of each system together.

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