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young MD

What are Telus's plans with all these acquisitions?

Are they going to amalgamate them into one product going forward?

Corner the market and then increase prices?

I wonder which one they will purchase next? QHR? Plexia would also be an easy target

Alan Brookstone

Telus is now strong in provincially certified primary care oriented EMRs, but not as strong in specialty systems. While consolidation may be a goal, I have seen no indication that this is their strategy. Because all of the EMR systems have been developed based upon proprietary technologies, none of the data structures are standardized. As a result, migration and amalgamation is problematic. This is further complicated by poor data quality as a result of the way in which information has been captured in EMRs by users. Even for a company with the resources of Telus, purchasing more EMR companies is challenging - each has their own development team and support requirements, not to mention the differing interface and technical requirements in each province.

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